Entry #1


2009-05-06 16:41:46 by TheSkark

Hey guys, TheSkark here. I'm a transfer student from deviantart.com and I don't quite know my way around this crazy town. If anyone could show me the way without slipping me any rape drugs, that'd be fantastic!

(Like, seriously, I have no idea where to go to start advertising myself on this website. If anyone has any pointers, please let me know)

Erm, I suppose that's about it for now, hehe. Keep an eye on Zeu's animations for more of my work!
-The Skark


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2009-05-06 19:09:48

Cool. You've got excellent voice acting, as I'm sure you already know.


2009-05-07 14:23:46

You're good at that.

Who wrote the storyline?

TheSkark responds:

The animator, Zeurel, does everything for these animations, except voice acting. :)


2009-05-07 21:01:22

You are my favorite voice Actor... Me and my friend Love Black Aces voice... I want to learn it...

TheSkark responds:

awesome, thanks! Wow, people want to imitate my voice...that's such an honor! Hehe, too bad Black Ace's voice is pretty much how I sound normally (except a little less creepy).


2009-05-08 02:03:51

Hey you do some great work on there. Your voices for the lead character both feel like believable and seperate entities to me, that's hard to pull off and you execute it quite well. Lemme know if you have a demo reel.

TheSkark responds:

ugh, unfortuantely, I have not gotten around to making a demo yet...I probably should at some point, seeing as I want to go professional...


2009-05-16 17:48:27

Would you voice act for others, possibly? Ya know just hypothetically

TheSkark responds:

I do like to work with other directors. It's just hard to find time to work on lots of different projects, esp. since I now have a job instead of school. Hard to balance it all, you know what I mean?


2009-05-17 03:35:26

You're the best flash voice actor EVER!


2009-11-14 19:47:34

i love your work i have seen all of the black ace and spoiler episodes and i love them i have told all of my friends and its just wow.CAN'T WAIT TO SEE MORE PLZ KEEP IT COMING


2010-12-17 19:43:12

avoid the general fourms, its a den of trolls

TheSkark responds:

hahaha, will do! Thanks for the heads-up :)